Dirac Drives

Dirac Drives is an intellectual property company based in Cambridge, U.K.

It has patented the use of antimatter in commercial applications. These include the gravitational dipole drive which has applications in space and terrestrial propulsion allowing propulsion without propellant, high rates of acceleration and operation in air, sea or space.

The company has also patented an antimatter turbine for the generation of electric power; a reliable source of clean energy available 24/7 and without the need for critical nuclear reactions.

Laser scientist and consulting engineer

This position is with the commercial antimatter laboratory of Dirac Drives Ltd. The company is based in Cambridge, U.K. but we are flexible on the location of the laboratory. Dirac Drives laboratory is the first commercial laboratory to be established to investigate the gravitational interaction of antimatter. Going forward, the laboratory will support the commercial activities of the company which seeks to use the properties of antimatter.

Project background

You will be part of a small, highly-skilled and experienced team, with a background in laser physics relating to the production and analysis of antimatter.

Initial work concerns a proof of principle experiment to investigate the gravitational interaction of antimatter. Experience with laser production of positrons is required. Familiarity with commercially available laser systems and/or high-intensity university or national laser facilities is needed.

Experience in the storage and handling of antimatter in the context of gravity experiments or otherwise is required.

Job description

The main responsibilities of this position include:

  • Design of the proof of principle experiment to establish the gravitational interaction of antimatter. Specification and sourcing of equipment; lasers, targets, quantum gravimeter or anti-hydrogen drop tubes.
    • Given a successful proof of principle experiment, Dirac Drives will look to licence its patents in the generation of energy using the properties of antimatter and also in space and terrestrial propulsion.
  • Work will then move to be focused on the needs of commercial clients licensing Dirac Drives technology. The development of prototypes and consulting with clients who may be satellite manufacturers, spacecraft manufacturers or power generation companies.
  • Adapt or modify test rig components for new projects, do the mechanical design for small modifications and interact with client manufacturing companies for more complex design and manufacturing implementations.
  • Manage lab safety regulations for the laboratories and lab members including laser and antimatter safety.
  • Maintain and operate the laboratory equipment and infrastructure on a daily basis.

Your profile

We are looking for a pro-active team player who can also work independently. An open minded, hands-on problem solver with a can-do attitude. It is also crucial that the candidate has strong rigor, organizational skills and communication skills. The successful candidate will be central to the scientific excellence of the company as it develops into one of the first commercial companies with a deep knowledge of antimatter and its commercial applications.

  • PhD in Physics
  • Experienced experimentalist
  • Languages required: English
  • The flexibility to consult with clients


We look forward to receiving your online application with the following documents:

  • Motivation letter and CV
  • Reference letters
  • Degree Certificates

Further information about Dirac Drives can be found on our website www.diracdrives.com Questions regarding the position should be directed to Ian Clague, CEO at ian.clague@diracdrives.com

Dirac Drives is an Equal Opportunity Employer.